Typical Example of a signal: Hourly Chart – Buy 1 unit at 5.40$/Btc

For 1 unit i mean 100 bitcoins, it might happen that due to the strength of recent days two or more consecutive buy signals appear but i plan to dont add more then 3 unit or 300 bitcoin invested, for now.  Purchase more units of the same security is generally a slow method of increasing one’s position size in the direction of the trend.

In the lower image it’s visible the inverse fisher transform that triggered a buy signal when it crossed the -0.5 thresold line , the ALMA average was flat and later confirmed the trend reversing upward. This long signal happened 2 days ago it’s still valid, but usually hourly signals are intended for an intraday operativity with profit target variable from 0.5 to 2 usd depending on volatility, of course a sell signal recommend to close a long position.