Short Term Update: Slowly Sliding Down

SHORT TERM | LONG 1 unit at an average price of 7.13$

Not much buying in the last 24 hours, market is sliding towards 6.60$ that provided support yesterday, I remain focused and stick to my strategy to keep my short term position up to 6.60$ and then, if 6.60 will be broken with consistence i’ll sell my position to avoid further losses.


2 thoughts on “Short Term Update: Slowly Sliding Down

  1. Geek88

    Gotta tip my cap to you Enky. I think you might have found the bottom.

    Lots of gnashing of teeth about the end of this bull, the end of the bubble. I dare say, a couple of more days like today and all the weak kneed bulls, who flinch at every wiggle in the average will be clamoring to buy at higher prices.
    Good luck with this trade!

    1. Enky

      Thanks but i remain a bit worried, if 6.60 it’s going to hold, we might then see 8$ again.

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