Long Term Update: bought 1 unit at 7.51$

LONG | from 7.51$/btc with 1 unit (100 btc)

I bought at the break out of 7.50, the Alma moving average reversed today to the upside. The oscillator is not oversold but it is negative , at -0.27.

If the last bottom at 5.60$ will hold i interpret it as a sign of strength, because it is much higher then the previous top at 4.15$. I will use  a large stop loss this time, at least 2 btc.


3 thoughts on “Long Term Update: bought 1 unit at 7.51$

  1. Geek88

    added 50 btc at 7.43, thank you for your update, i’ll donate some btc once i’ll close this trade above 10$:)))

  2. marco

    Legendary trade !! Enky, thank you so much, i know it was a long term signal but i sold at 9$:)
    you are the MAN!

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