Short Term Update: 4 hour chart

I think the drop from 9.40 has ended and that a sustained up swing is underway, i’m monitoring the four hour chart, it is smoother compared to the hourly chart, we need probably more liquidity to be able to use also this time frame for quick day trading; thus so far I’ve been paying more attention to 2 and 4 hour chart. Too bad that for now isn’t possible to sell short with mtgox and also option trading it’s missing, otherwise it would have been possible to sell short at 8.60 with a minimum target of 0.5$ down to 8.10 or 8 where to cover the short trade.


2 thoughts on “Short Term Update: 4 hour chart

  1. randall

    Thanks for the update, where are you from Enky? You write a decent english but i don’t think that it is your main language.

    1. Enky

      Hi randall, in fact yes i’m not native english speaker:) i come from Italy, i do my best to write in understandable english,sorry for any bad or ambiguous grammatical construction. Cheers

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