Portfolio Update

| from 7.51$/btc with 1 unit (100 btc)

| waiting next trading signal


5 thoughts on “Portfolio Update

  1. randall

    i remember your entry at 7.51, very nice, i remain a bit skeptic because 9.40 it is a big wall, we are going down.

  2. adsense

    Hi Enky
    my bias is upwards into june 15 17th . that said todays test of 9.50 resistance is a bit of a warning the move above 10 is bullish and that as it stands points upwards as long as 9 holds. the warning is if the market fails to get above 11 into june 15-17th . a failure to close above that level keeps a short term bearish pattern
    in place from june 15 into july 1 .
    bottom line : i have a bullish bias into mid june and id like to see price above 10 or ill have to take a larger then normal bearish stance once we get into this short term cycle high due june 15 . as it stands today the market is telling me that the trend is up but we are not yet out of the woods as far as the bearish case is concerned . in fact this is so far tracing out almost exactly as expected , only a sustained rally above 10 would invalidate the bearish case . ( june 15 17th a short term cycle high is due )

    1. Enky

      so you expect a top for mid june, this has to be seen; i wonder if there is enough force to break 9.50
      but we have had lot of media coverage that will attract investors.

  3. Wish I hadn’t sold now… my buy orders are all $6 an below and I sold at just under 7. Ahh well lets hope I will be luckier in love than am I with bitcoins.

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