Short Term Update: sold 1 unit at 8.71 now flat

FLAT| waiting next tradnig signal

After a severe fall from 9.50 to 8.10, i closed my short term trade at 8.71, 0.24$ profit per btc. Unfortunately this market isn’t liquid enough to absorb a big seller with 10000 bitcoins that decide to dump them; the market lost 20% very quickly, it touched the static support at 8.10 and then rebounced. It might go above 8.70 today, for who don’t want to sell i recommend to limit losses if the static support got broken under 8$.


2 thoughts on “Short Term Update: sold 1 unit at 8.71 now flat

  1. geek88

    I decided to hold the trade, i’ll apply a stoploss under 8, i’ll try to sell around 9.20 at profit.
    thks for the update Enky

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