Short Term Update: Sold 1 unit at 28.85$, now flat

Sold 1 unit (100btc) at an average price of 28.85$, profit of 10.65$ per btc, total profit 1065$.

After 2 days finally the inverse fisher Rsi give me a sell signal that i decided to follow, considering the huge gain of this short term trade, yesterday bottom at 23$ worried me a bit after failing to get through 32$, it might test again 32$ and if i see strenght above 32$ i may try to go long again aiming to take profit at 36-37$.


7 thoughts on “Short Term Update: Sold 1 unit at 28.85$, now flat

  1. Excellent, Enky. Keep up the great work you are doing for us for free.
    Wanted to ask you whether you think there is any possibility that we would go down and retest last weeks resistance at 19$ and possibly break it and go lower?

    1. Hi JeremyM, well i dont think we are going to break 19$, in the case of a big drop i think we might break for a bit 19$ down to 17$ for then quickly recovering the 20 level.
      31-32 it’s a strong resistance, eventually if broken the next strong resistance i calculated for today it’s 36-37. In the case of a strong break out of 32, i’ll probably enter long for a quick gain of 3-4 btc.
      Take Care

  2. John Barry

    Thanks for the insight. I see another ascending triangle pattern playing out with the advance. Hmm i think we are going over 32$ today.
    I appreciate your hard work!!!

    John Barry

  3. geek88

    Another excellent trade, yes. The market is moving sideways around 28, i’m bearish right now.

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