Long Term Update: Sold 1 unit at 16.22$

OUT OF MARKET | waiting next trading signal

I sold this morning (UTC+1 time) at 16.22$, 8.71 profit per btc for a total profit of 871$. I bought at 7.51$ on May 25th, since then the market rushed to 32$ collapsed to 11$ for then stabilizing at 19$. During this process i’ve had a sell signal at around 16$, i decided to wait a bit but now, due to the resume of the slide, i can’t watch without doing nothing or i’d be very indisciplined doing that. The overall picture now looks bearish and the 16$ level will probably not hold today.

I think the bitcoin value will drop to the 13$ zone where it might find some support. The inverse fisher RSI is now oversold indicating weakness of the market  and confirming the beginning of a downtrend.