Major security breach at MtGox

Yesterday, June 19, at 17:15  (GMT), a big user account and database of was hacked. This includes usernames, emails, and hashed passwords.  If you used the same email or password on MtGox as you did on different other websites, i recommend you to change password in case your MtGox password is cracked from the database.

This is the last official update from mtgox:

[Update – 6:30 GMT] Still here. Still working hard to get things online.

  • SHA-512 multi-iteration salted hashing is in enabled and ready for when we get users reactivating their accounts
  • We are going to push our relaunch time to 2:00am GMT tomorrow so we have time to launch a our new backend and withdraw passwords


Regular market coverage will probably resume on Wednesday, January 22