Portfolio Update

 | waiting next trading signal

| waiting next trading signal

The market has been dull since my last update, still wandering around 14$. I’m still flat, waiting the BTC/USD to break out somewhere. The short term elliott wave scenario is still negative (invalidated only above 14.80$) and the long term is also negative (invalidated only above 16.50-17$).

Please let me know with a comment here if there is interest in the elliott wave approach, i might decide to publish from time to time an outlook of the indications provided by the software i use.


5 thoughts on “Portfolio Update

    1. What he was saying in that update is not yet happening, i think that the outlook of the software i use is reliable, only above 14.80 and then 16.50 i’ll agree with the view of that analyst.

  1. adsense

    My approach to trading is to use Elliott wave analysis as a guide because i think It is not a forecasting black box, hence, I could change my mind at anytime. The idea is to call the direction right. Getting the count right is less important, so it’s welcome the use of a software helping us finding the right direction:)
    i’m an happy user of elwave , i have the 9.5 version.

  2. clone4501

    I never have been a big fan of EW theory, so don’t feel compelled to discuss it often.

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