Short Term Update: MtGox sold 1 unit at 13.24$

I’ve just been get caught again into a huge sell order of 10000 bitcoins, sold at an average price of 13.24$ at the first bounce, 0.80$ of loss per btc, total loss 80$. I think i’m going to change my strategy for short term trading, instead of buying on the strength waiting a decent reversal, i’ll buy on the dips using my 24h range forecast i publish every day on twitter. Watch out for my range estimates on my twitter channel.

The problem is that there are out there players with more then 10 thousand bitcoins, it is not easy to operate in the short term because two or three of these players can do a real mess to the market. I think i’m not going to do another attempt if i dont have a clear strong positive indication both from the oscillator i use (on a daily basis) and the elliott wave software i use.


13 thoughts on “Short Term Update: MtGox sold 1 unit at 13.24$

  1. adsense

    bah:( again a dumb guy that sold ten thousands bitcoins ruined your trade Enky, too bad. Good luck for next time

  2. Andreas

    a bad day for bitcoins (mybitcoin,bitomat,mtgox all somewhat fucked up today) . this is exactly like the wild west during the gold rush. exiting, dangerous times. songs will be sung about us. i just hope it won’t be country songs

  3. There was a rally of sorts and if you were quick you could have still sold for a tiny profit. I’ve held though to see what tomorrow brings. Still a chance of a rally for Tuesday.

      1. Yeah but I don’t want to sell now because i’ve been so late on the mark that it will probably rebound just after I sell. What I am trying to do though is get a better paying job so that I can come into the market with a lot more money soon.

  4. adsense

    Dunno, it is constantly falling, good decision to sell Enky, i remain bearish until september or october.

    1. geek88

      Yeah, It seems that everyone I have been talking to lately is thinking that some sort of summer slump is affecting the bitcoin.

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