Long Term Update: MtGox sold 1 unit at 11.67$

After the recent drop under 11.80$ i decided to close this long term trade initiated 4 months ago and take a break. This is the third consecutive day with negative net volume (outflow of money from the market) and this starts to worry me a bit after a big spike to 15.84$, i think we’ve just seen a buying climax bar that marked a potential top, after all the market surpassed yesterday my long term resistance at 14$.

I bought at 5.06$ 4 months ago, profit for this trade is ~661$, total gross profit so far 3261$, 8 trades profitable out of 12 total trades.


3 thoughts on “Long Term Update: MtGox sold 1 unit at 11.67$

  1. bitcoin trader

    Hi Enky, you did a good job there 3261 $ will get you a nice holyday on Haiti or Hawai. Thanks for the forcast would be nice if you could get back at one stage and give us again some input. I personally think BTC is here to stay the computation speed growth is still positiv.
    All the best Bitcometrader

    1. Enky

      I haven’t sold because of an imminent crash guys:) I’m just taking a break, i remind to everyone that i publish here only relative safe trades for the beginners, i dont publish all my trades.
      I think bitcoin will probably spend the next week from 10$ to 14$ in some sort of price congestion, stabilizing itself after the big downspike of yesterday.
      I’ll continue to follow bitcoin with the weekly chart that is good for a mid and long term trading activity.

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