Short Term Update: bought 1 unit at 12.63$

LONG | from an average price of 12.63$/btc with 1 unit (100 btc)

I’ve decided to buy after the market reached in advance my short term resistance at 12.65$  , i think that the buying pressure will carry the BTC/USD to the revised target estimate of 13.60$, i’ll close at stop loss this trade under 11.95$;  i still have the feeling that bitcoin  is headed much higher over the next few months due to the anticipated discount of the block halve reward from 50 to 25 btc per block, this scarcity of bitcoins should push the price upward. I’m not sure that prices will go up also after the block reward halving.


4 thoughts on “Short Term Update: bought 1 unit at 12.63$

  1. Mike Donnely

    yeah, i doubt it will work this time but we will see, is evident that people are selling heavily bitcoins, it dropped from 12.68$ to 12.45$ in few minutes

  2. Bobo

    Enky! It will never go through 12.65$ and you know it, what the hell are you doing?:) you told us that 12.65$ it’s a strong resistance and you buy at it.

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