Short Term Update: Sold 1 unit at 12.05$

I sold this morning (GMT+1 time) at 12.05$, ~60$ loss. I bought at 12.63$ on Sept. 19th, since then the market has moved against and in favour of me before collapsing with a quick move down to 10.6$ where it rebounced from my monthly moving average up to 12$.

It’s hard for me to say if the rebounce is now complete and BTC/USD is ready to fall again or instead gradually move to the upside,in any case i decided to sell avoiding to take more risks. There are moments where trades go well and other where they go bad as well, in this last case it’s a matter of how to manage crap or risks.
Resistance for next few days at ~12.80$, support always around my old level of 11.15$ but eventually with falling net volume there could be enough force to retest the 10.5$ level.

So far net profit of 3201$ and 8 trades profitable out of 13.