Short Term Quick Update: MtGox daily chart

chartBitcoin to Usd currency pair so far has completely ignored the first block halving of its history, i see some resistance at 12.6$ and looking the book is not so bearish.

Volatility stays low, i don’t expect the market to go under 11.7$ next week with this level of volatility, so for now the market is still in an uptrend, the key level to break is 13.1$, above it i’ll open a long term trade with a wider stop loss, probably under 9.5$

For the short term i compromised the recent buying opportunity  because i’ve preferred to wait the halving block date. For who is already long in the short term and he is not interested to hold for the long haul would be wise to watch out the 11.5$ level as a potential stop loss and the 13$-13.4$ price zone where to cash profits.