Long Term Update: bought 1 unit at 13.18$

LONG | from an average price of 13.18$/btc with 1 unit (100 btc)

As i’ve said on previous update, i’ve bought at the break out of last top at 13.09$. It’s a long term trade so the stop loss is under 10$, but i’ll follow carefully this trade to manage take profit and stoploss levels optimally.


2 thoughts on “Long Term Update: bought 1 unit at 13.18$

  1. Adsense

    Halving block is starting to influence the market, scarcity of bitcoins and a rise in price is inevitable:)

  2. Albert

    with 50% less coin mined, I bet on a releif of presure that was pushing down.. My crystal ball show a long and slow slope upward 😀

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