Short Term Update: Daily View at MtGox

chartThis is a daily view since november 2012. It is visible the halving block date that does not have affected the market uptrend. In the second pane of the chart there is the net volume and it’s clearly visible that a mild short term correction has started few days ago.

I calculated that if the volatility will not rise the support will be around 12.15$, i’ve drawn two static support lines in the chart and i’m confident the market will not go down the second one at 11.7$

This weeks range estimate is 12.4$-13.8$, eventually 12.1-12.2$; i’ve in mind a large stoploss for this long term trade but if market will break down the 12$ level with high volume i’ll have to reconsider my long position,  but so far the drawdown is manageable and acceptable.