Short Term Update: Long 1 unit (100 bitcoins) at 123.40$


8 thoughts on “Short Term Update: Long 1 unit (100 bitcoins) at 123.40$

  1. Hi Enky,
    i would like t thank you, i am enjoying your posts since end of April.
    I’m long on BTC and worried by the spread.
    Judging on actual Bitstamp book i fear many MtGox BTC buyers are just moving coins there to be sold.

    1. Enky

      100$ level is strong support and i’ll probably close under it but i might decide to close the trade well before if i see a bearish behaviour of btc.

      1. Enky

        too early to affirm that it’s bearish, if it fails to break a resistance in the short term it doesn’t mean that it’s bearish,falling prices under 120 with increasing selling activity it’s bearish, we are not yet at that point now.

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