Short Term Update

UploadImageThis is a  view of last 30 days and not much happened in the last ten days since my last update.

BTC/USD is still fighting to go above the short term VWAP level at 112$ but at least we have had an higher low around last 14-17 June.

My view isn’t changed from the previous update, any strength above the vwap level at 112$ will change the short term outlook from bearish to bullish. Traders who want to anticipate the market for a quick profit would be wise to place the stoploss under 90$ and a possible take profit maybe at 122$ but it remains risky to buy with bitcoin still having difficulties to pass 112$.


5 thoughts on “Short Term Update

  1. Heath

    Mt. Gox went up presumably because folks were moving USD out by buying BTC. That was a fake little bump.

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