Short Term Update: End-of-Month View

UploadImageNot much have changed in the last 7 days, this month tendency is obviously flat and not what i expect, basically the market is not going up as I would have hoped, I unfortunately bought on a false breakout of a strong resistance level and since then the market has been flat.

Short term picture is now a bit bearish because we are under this month VWAP (located at 137$) but still above the support at 125$. Before closing the position definitely i’ll wait to see BTC/USD under 125$ for at least one day.

2 thoughts on “Short Term Update: End-of-Month View

  1. Enky, since there have been severe problems withdrawing money from Mt. Gox, and since there have been days where volume on Gox was less than Bitstamp, I’m just curious at what point you will change your algorithm from considering only Gox trading data? Perhaps it’s not the most reliable market indicator?

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    Thaddeus McBron
    BitsForCoins Server Sales

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