Short Term Update: Mid month View at BitStamp

chartThis is the same analysis of the previous udpate but adapted to Bitstamp exchange, why? Well i’m getting more and more worried for the sort of MtGox exchange, the book of orders is drying out with less of 35k total bitcoins offered on the ask side. Investors are looking for other exchanges where to sell their bitcoins without any worries if they decide to withdraw their money. So from now on i’m going to publish market updates also for bitstamp exchange.

My MtGox mid and long term target of 167$ and 200$ correspond to 152$ and 185$ for bitstamp, levels that might be touched this or next month. VWAP at bistamp is at 122$, an interesting level where to buy in case of a retracement.

DISCLOSURE: I’ve already moved out my accumulated profits from MtGox, converting them in bitcoins, i’ll wait to sell them at the same price in usd when possible.



3 thoughts on “Short Term Update: Mid month View at BitStamp

  1. Andrea Chiavazza

    We are in full rally mode.
    As I write, these are the 24h volumes for the 3 main exchanges (source
    btcchina: 23.4k
    bitstamp: 16.9k
    mtgox: 16.5k
    I suppose who is setting the trend now is btcchina, with the other 2 mainly tracking it.

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