Short Term Update: monthly view at BTCe

chartThis is the daily chart of this month at BTCe exchange, Bitstamp unfortunately does not work since yesterday.
As you can see our VWAP average stopped once again falling prices, now it is a critical juncture and it is really important not to go under the VWAP otherwise BTC/USD could repeat the bearish pattern seen in April, this means that prices may drop down to 150 dollars where there is also the 200 days moving average.

If this bearish scenario will materialize it would be a tremendous buying opportunity since so far every test to break and go below the 200 days moving average failed.

Please readers to don’t ask me how to set sierrachart indicators, i don’t have the time for this kind of support, feel free to post any requests directly on sierrachart support forum at the following url or study the documentation at 
Said this i include here 2 screenshots with the settings i use for monthly vwap (click to enlarge)
vwapdev lines

15 thoughts on “Short Term Update: monthly view at BTCe

    1. Lukas

      Hello and thank you fro your blog!
      I’m too interested into daily chart setting to get the same VWAP as yours, if that is not a secret of course 😉

  1. Mendzio

    I realy want to ask for the advice: Is it the right moment to invest or should I wait on the bearish scenario?

    1. Enky

      You could stay at the window looking the market going up waiting the bearish scenario. Invest 50% now and 50% at a lower price in case of a drop, at least you are invested with something.

  2. Steve

    How would you rate the development on BTC China? The price is constantly falling. Then again it might have been artificially high because of short supply.

    1. Enky

      It is always difficult to manipulate a market, especially on a temporal level, you can alter prices but it is harder to do it for an extended period of time.
      Aniway it is not important to understand if a market has been artificially altered or not, the chart discount everything and it must obey to the law of chart, manipulated or not.

  3. Kasper

    Hi Enky,
    I have been following your blog for some time and it’s very informative and usefull so thank you a lot! I never really tried trading and my only strategy was just holding my btc 🙂 Inspired by your last post about short term trading using vwap I am very happy to try it. I would therefore like to ask your opinion on what do you think is happening right now – The course was falling yesterday but now its going up, do you think it is retracing? Also what start date would you use to set vwap at this moment to use it for short term trade? 20 nov – when btc started going up again or earlier?

    1. Enky

      You can use an important bottom or sometimes is enough to reset it at the first day of the month like i do.This month the breakout above 200 happened on 4 november so it has been ok to compute vwap since then.

  4. Genry

    Since sierrachart can only have data from btc-e, how do you _really_ sell and buy ?
    Do you go on and type manually every digits for every trade ?

    1. Enky

      yes but now with btce you can trade with mt4 platform, i’m evaluating their service right now with a demo account.

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