Short Term Update: Bullish again @bitstamp

chartThis night BTC/USD has managed to break above the VWAP, probably because having made a higher minimum at $700 it was already unbalanced to the upside and had enough energy to break the resistance, with now prices trading above the VWAP bitcoin is bullish again, at least in the short term.

The first key resistance is positioned at the first deviation line at 960 dollars. The RSI is overbought and may stay there for long if the market maintains a defined trend, now to get a clearer picture you have to spend time analyzing a 4 hours chart, or even daily. We’ll see it when i’ll publish a long-term update.


3 thoughts on “Short Term Update: Bullish again @bitstamp

    1. Enky

      it’s a bit expensive but it could be an interesting experience and meeting new people interested in the same field is always a good thing,

  1. Nigel

    keep these updates coming please Enky, not a lot of people making sense out there when the market is going crazy, you always do.

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