Thanks for voting, but 62% interested to see updates on altcoins is not enough for me, if it would have been 80%-90% i’d have not hesitated to add updates about big altcoins like Litecoin or Namecoin. Sorry guys but for now i stay focused on Bitcoin only.


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  1. me

    Not sure if it makes sense right now. Most altcoins trade pretty much at a relatively fixed ratio to BTC, so everything you write about BTC also applies to most of those altcoins. Litecoin to Bitcoin ratios goes up a little bit when there’s good news, and then slowly declines back to it’s original value when there’s no good news for some time – not sure how much technical analysis helps in such a market. The same for other altcoins.

    1. me

      It looks like LTC is getting replaced with Dogecoin. Maybe Dogecoin coverage would be the better choice. šŸ™‚

  2. Jukka Santala

    I don’t know, would it change the fact that the best strategy is doing exactly opposite from whatever I do? šŸ™‚ We absolutely need more coverage on Dogecoin, though… But more seriously, I think the usual sentiment about fixed ratio is pretty much correct. There’s much more meaningful difference between different BTC exchanges than different coins for now, and this blog mainly follows just one of them too. I would suggest at least waiting to see if BTC picks up again in the new year.
    LTC/BTC on BTC-e, I think you could call it quite flat compared to the crazy ride BTC is giving:

  3. Jacob

    It would be good for me to get another’s take on other cryptocurrencies. While it does seem all are in a way pegged to BTC you often see high swings in the currencies that are not directly related to BTC.

  4. Durk

    I’d say this is a good call. When voting (no), I was kinda thinking that any extra posts about other currencies might draw away from the frequency and quality of the BTC-posts, which I still think are the most relevant, even though ltc-posts could be of some interest too.

  5. Andrea Chiavazza

    Wait, I think I know the reason for today btc price gains. It’s all the kids that are buying bitcoins with the money received from their grandma for Christmas!

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