Long Term Update: WPCS long 1000 shares at $2.56

chartI decided to invest in this Pennsylvania-based stock after they recently acquired BTXTrader, the first trading platform allowing Bitcoin users to “access market data and execute orders on the five most popular Bitcoin exchanges in a single application.”

I’ve bought 1000 shares at $2.56, just above the short term VWAP, first resistance at $3.60, i do not recommend to invest too much in this stock because it’s a penny stock with all the risks involved.

Let’s see what happens when they will launch the platform by early 2014.


19 thoughts on “Long Term Update: WPCS long 1000 shares at $2.56

  1. Name (required)

    Where exactly did you buy these shares from? Are they from a normal stock exchange site or BTC funded one?

  2. Andrea Chiavazza

    By the way… bitcoin is shooting up parabolic. Somebody was saying that there is a “golden cross” pattern forming, but the way is going up is almost scary, so there must be something else going on. Has anybody seen any significant news?

  3. What is your strategy with this stock? Are you going to trade it and do you have a exit strategy or are you going to hold?

  4. Enky Happy New Year 2014, I looked to your blog since the beginning it was quite interesting how can I reach you ( email ) because I would like you to submit you something about a call option on a share Richard

  5. Headwood

    Oh no man …:( c’mon buy 50 unit BTC.
    This stock is programmed to crash.
    We love BTC man.
    The blog is called BTC trading signals 😦
    Have a good year

  6. tao

    Share price is going down. It is maybe a good time to buy, but I am worried that it continues like that. Do you know when the final version of BTX Trader will arrive ? ( It will have a positive impact of the price for sure)

    1. Enky

      they said early 2014, i don’t know more unfortunately but i’ve tried the beta and it looks good, but it needs to be finished.

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