Long Term Update: Long 2nd unit at 474 euro ($648)

Now long with two units at an average price of 450 Euros ($615).


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      1. Elie

        Best time in buying LTC will be there at $5 and thats my next move.
        BTC will be at $800 around that time, I might cashout a little from my long BTC position and buy for few thousands in fiat.
        Then LTC will start its bubble going from $5 to $28-31 again, which could give a profit of 10,000 at least!

      2. B. Mums

        Enky, do you think Litecoin will make a strong comeback or is it on it’s way to death due to movements away from Litecoin to alts like Blackcoin and especially Darkcoin, due to their anonymous transactions?

        Would you ever consider trading your BTC for LTC when it reaches the bottom, around 0.075? To me, there seems like a LOT of room for profits if we see those numbers.

      3. i’m skeptics of altcoins and litecoin is only a clone of btc, better to look for some decent altcoin with true anonymous transactions.
        No, i’ll not buy ltc if it will test the long term support at 0.0075 ltc/btc

  1. Artie

    Enky, do you already have some target in mind on where are you planning to sell? Or is it too early to tell?

  2. Martin

    Could anybody explain to me what does it mean “Long 2nd unit”? I don’t know much about this stuff and I would like to learn it.

    1. That i’ve bought an amount of bitcoins for the second time. The first unit has been bought by me last 26 May 2014 at 586$

    2. FJ

      This means your trust in btc is “doubled…” 🙂 I belive you stated once that on a scale from 1 to 10 you would declare btc as a 9 a long term investment? ( 1 is bad, 9 is somewhat good) Is it 9,5 now? Even though I put my money ( and some more) into this I did not really belive it would go mainstream until a couple of days ago. I would be satisfied with 50-100% return but I do now totally belive it will explode pretty sooon. Imagine a race where the jockeys are holding their horses(bulls?)until the race begins. And, hehe, I did not put any money on Argentina full time, no more gambling- hello drinking!

  3. B. Mums

    Holly batman balls, I sat and witness to the $102 drop on BTC-E….and just witnessed the same thing happen to LTC, BAM someone sold down to $2.12 and it instantly jumped back to $8. I’m extremely sad faced to have seen that just happen when I was lookin for a good big profit. I nearly set a buy-in for LTC/BTC at 0.0077 but it only dropped to 0.0115ish anyway.

    1. Elie

      are we going back down to 620? If yes I might cashout now / short and buy lower. What the hell. I am going to wait a little bit more though

      1. Elie

        anyways going to stay in for now unless we break 640 significantly. At 685 resistance though I will cashout a small % of my coins and rebuy lower to make some gains.

      2. B. Mums

        I think BTC went down so quickly simply because the $2.12 drop on LTC. BTC-E lead the three exchanges down. Stamp and Finex reacted to BTC-E. When BTC-E drops 1k coins in 2-3 mins its a big deal. There have been 2 additional drops of 10k litecoins each that dropped down to $7… I’m wondering if there’s more to come.

      3. Elie

        two drops for LTC is a lot. As Enky mentionned LTC will recorrect down to $5. I think it should stay there and pick up from there again. I will not bother afterall shorting on BTC. I dont have the nerves and time for this now. Will just watch that we dont break below 630

  4. Arthur

    Well done Enky, I’m quite sure this will be two profitable positions long term. I’m curious to see when in future you will sell these two positions.

    I’m doing it slightly different, but the idea is the same I guess. I bought one (extra) batch of 30 something coins at $449 and one smaller (extra) batch of almost 11.5 coins at $595. Both batches will go in long term cold storage @Netagio when the price has reached $900+. For the moment I’m keeping them close at hand since they have a stop-loss level @450 and I want to see the price double that level before they are going in long term cold storage (think 1+ years).

    The initial batch of 24.7 coins I bought last year + my trading profits of 12.5 coins, build up during the bearish correction in February – May, is what I will use for trading. As promised before, when this ‘trading batch’ has reached a total of 40+ coins, there will be a donation again! 🙂

    Enky, I’m hoping you would think my financial planning is not too bad, please feel free to advice if you feel the need…

    1. A long term stoploss could be the top of the previous cycle, in this case the april 2013 top at 266$. I’m here since the beginning and bitcoin never established a new bottom BELOW the top of the previous cycle.
      at the moment the 266$ static support is a very safe stoploss for who is holding for long term.
      About a first decent resistance, 750$ will be a thought one.

      1. Arthur

        Yeah, true. Trading theory tells that is a very firm long-term bullish sign, so I might use that $266 stop-loss level indeed. I choose $450 because the average buy price of the 41 something extra coins is $485, and then trading theory advices to choose a stop-loss level of 5% or 10% below that… If I take the average buy price ($366) of the 37 something other coins in my ‘trading batch’ into account, a lower stop-loss level can be used also. However, I want to make a clear distinction between my 41 long-term coins (for investment under a lower risk profile) and my 37 short-term coins (for trading, under a MUCH higher risk profile). So maybe I’ll stick to $450 as a stop-loss level for the 41 long-term coins, and $266 as a stop-loss level for the 37 coins in the trading batch.

        Thanks for sparring with me about this, Enky, it’s very helpful. Now let’s bring the 37 coins up to 40! 🙂

      2. 5% or 10% stoploss here is not enough, considering that bitcoin volatility level is four times the average historically volatility of US stocks.

      3. Arthur

        Oops, that’s indeed something I didn’t take into account yet. Absolutely true. So $266 for a stop-loss level on ALL coins I own makes sense I guess.

        Last question Enky, would you raise the stop-loss level to ~$1,150 – $1,200 (the November 2013 top) during the next cycle, the moment we happen to pass this previous top? Or would you only do that after a certain timeframe staying within the next cycle (presuming you would raise the stop-loss level)? I’m thinking of adjusting the stop-loss level every now and then for my 41 long-term coins, that’s why I’m asking…

      4. if next top is 3500-4000 then it is reasonable to assume 1200$-1300$ as the bottom of the next cycle. But i think that at some point this rule will be violated because as bitcoin get bigger as more difficult will be to respect such rule.

    2. Artie

      Hey Arthur. I’m curious, do you use some application/bot to help you with trading? I’m asking as I was thinking about getting one of those but I don’t have experience with it.

      1. Arthur

        Hi Artie, thanks for asking. So far I’m trading manually in fact, with Limit Orders on Bitstamp. However, me and two friends (we call ourselves The Bulls On Bitcoin aka The BOB lol) are going to look into AllTrade very soon. To me it looks promising, but I didn’t try it yet. Was going to report about it here after I tried it, but no harm mentioning it now I guess. Remember, it’s in ALPHA release currently.

        In case you’re interested: http://getalltrade.codeplex.com/

        “AllTrade is an fully customizable trading application for most cryptocurrency and -security exchanges and radically alters how you trade your assets.”

    1. Arthur

      The market is obviously happy that the winner doesn’t seem to be a short-term trader/dumper, and reacted accordingly: we jumped $10 up. Now I wonder what type of news, or what type of situation, will initiate the next sprint. Thoughts, anyone?

      1. At this point in time it wouldn’t surprise me if we here some major news, I think the Bitcoin snowball has just started rolling and its gaining pace. Paypal integrates Bitcoin may be the catalyst to the next run. From then on you can expect amazon jumping on board. Regulation is clearing, its all happening.

    1. Arthur

      Patience, my friend, patience… These 80+ frustrated bidders that lost the auction now have to open up accounts at exchanges and wire their money to these exchanges. This takes at least a week, or two weeks. Meanwhile we can build up some more good news, and then… let the sprint begin! 😉

      1. B. Mums

        I disagree…the US government has far more bitcoin to auction off than those 30k…i think another 70k or something? I don’t think any quantitative buyers will hit the exchanges until after all those coins are auctioned off.

        There’s more than the one opportunity.

      2. Arthur

        Even more, they have seized another 144,000 coins. However, they belong to Ross Ulbricht in person, which means they can only be sold/auctioned off after his trial where he is found guilty as charged AND his possessions should be liquidated. Might take a few years before we see another auction…

      3. B. Mums

        Nice link Arthur, quite the coincidence as I brought it up, lol. That makes sense though.

  5. I’ve emailed another company today asking them if they will accept my bitcoin, they emailed me back saying that they will consider it if it becomes more widely accepted. Told them they have no risk of adding another payment method and that there is no payment processing fees thus challenged them that there understanding of bitcoin is flawed. Then I told them if they accpet it I iwll post on reddit where thousands of there target audience post (education age) and that a public UK is already accepting it. See what reply I get, will keep you posted. Must have sent about 5 emails to different companies so far. Bitcoin is like a virus and its spreading like the plague.

    1. Elie

      I actually also did the samething but I emailed NCIX computers website and asked them if they will accept Bitcoin since I need to buy computers parts from their website. Still waiting a reply.

      1. I think this is the a good way of helping to bring Bitcoin mainstream.. Even in supermarkets I ask, cashiers will then ask you what it is and if some places are considering it then they will be aware that there has already been an inquiry into it.

  6. Elie

    Looks like were heading down afterall. Maybe sheep people again at it? What do you guys think? If we don’t break 660 by tomorrow I think we might be going bearish again.

      1. Elie

        hopefully, bcse so far the side ways movement is caused by sheep people still not knowing what to do although the signs are clear, were Bullish like hell! I just have to be patient I guess Lol definitely a break out by tomorrow (Friday) though

    1. B. Mums

      Really tough to tell Elie. I’m just hanging on right now. Nearly missed the boat leave above 600 but got a bit lucky. I think BTCE was down $20 compared to finex and stamp at 605 when I bought seconds before the surge… since I saw those 2 move quick I knew BTCE would follow. I had sold at 595… I’m not doing that again.

      1. Mike

        I’m with you, Mums. No one is fast enough to catch a huge wave unless you are already in the water. You get out of the water, then you can only watch when the swell comes — fast and furious.

  7. Arthur

    If the sprint would start exactly now, and I would compare to the previous sprint of November 2013 only, we would see a top of the sprint at 6 times the current price in early August (~$4,000). However, I’m taking the previous sprints, the timeframes between them and a little extra delay before we properly start sprinting into consideration, and then my calculated top is still at $5,000+ between half/end of August. For the moment I’m planning my next trades there.

    1. Arthur

      By the way, I just googled around a bit to check what other predictions circulate for bitcoin in 2014, and there seems to be a lot of consensus that around now (July) another sprint should start. Some even mentioned that in 2013 already! Price predictions for a top of this sprint range from $2,000 to $14,000. From mild to wild, lol! Anyway, just mentioning this for a fun read here. I would laugh my ass off if we are all proven wrong, and we will go slowly but steadily towards Enky’s prediction of $3,000 – $3,500 end of year… 😀

    2. Artie

      Hey Arthur. I’m curious about those estimates of yours. I came across several ideas/calculations regarding the new ATH and many of them suggest that during the next rally BTC will reach the area between 4,000 and 6,000, which seems to fit your prediction. But I also saw less optimistic estimates suggesting that it should only reach about 2,500. Those predictions are usually supported by the notion that each subsequent rally multiplied the previous ATH by a certain, each time lower, factor. So the rally during 2011 multiplied the previous top by almost 30X. April 2013 raised the previous ATH by 8.5X. November 2013 had 4.7X rise. So by that logic the new ATH shouldn’t be bigger than 2.5 times the previous one. To me this idea seems very simplistic so I wouldn’t feel confident using it as a base for my trading but in my opinion every idea deserves a thought so I decided to share it here to see what other people think about it.

      1. Arthur

        Well, I’m following the rather detailed calculations of a guy called Stephen Reed, who is researching these matters since last year. He is publishing his research/calculations for everyone to check here:


        I’m finetuning these figures a bit with my own calculations that include timeframes between tops and lows, number of price doublings within a certain timeframe before the top is reached, the % of corrections to expect, etc. I’m doing that, because Stephen is setting the ultimate bitcoin price on 1 million dollar, and sets his S-curve lines accordingly at the moment (he will finetune this over the years though). I’m absolutely not claiming my calculations are the ultimate bitcoin wisdom, but I’m hoping it will give a good feeling for a nice next trade moment, presuming we will see another sprint soon (there seems to be another ldump going on currently, so we have to see what effect that will have short-term. Sometimes that’s the start of the next sprint… But it might cause another delay also).

        “Those predictions are usually supported by the notion that each subsequent rally multiplied the previous ATH by a certain, each time lower, factor.”

        True, I noticed that too, but my interpretation is VERY different. The longer timeframe between tops, the more likely it is that the next top is much, much higher than the previous top. This fits the S-curve model for bitcoin perfectly. Let me explain. These are the three well-known bitcoin tops so far.

        June 2011 top $32
        April 2013 top $266 (8.3 times the previous top)
        November 2013 top $1163 (4.4 times the previous top)

        Between June 2011 and April 2013 is 22 months, that’s why the factor is a stunning 8+.
        Because of the much shorter timeframe between April 2013 and November 2013 (7 months) the factor is ‘only’ 4.4. Between November 2013 and August 2014 we will have 9 months, so the factor for a sprint now will be (slightly) above 4.4, and that’s where I completely disagree with the other people that think the factor is 2.5. They don’t take the timeframes into consideration. I hope you get what I mean, Artie?

      2. that model is not compatible with actual and historical volatility level of bitcoin. I think that for 2017 the price will be between 7000$ and 17000$, using actual and historical volatility level. There is only 1 possibility out of 100 to reach 500k usd for 1 btc by 2017, it is very unlikely to happen.

      3. Artie

        Yeah, thanks Arthur, I understood you just fine. Your idea about taking the timeframe between rallies into calculations makes a lot of sense.

      4. Arthur

        “that model is not compatible with actual and historical volatility level of bitcoin.” – Enky

        That’s indeed another flaw in that model. Volatility is key to have at least a possibility to go to the next level. It’s lacking for the moment, however, it tends to appear from nowhere sometimes (I think April 2013 is a good example). And I mentioned the kind of randomly chosen 1M ultimate bitcoin price as another flaw, or at least a disputable value, in that model.

        Anyway, after the next sprint this Stephen Reed model should be finetuned I read on his forum. Because when we go from -0.5 log delta to, let’s say, +0.3 log delta in the next sprint, this model needs a drastic adjustment. Then this volatility level will be taken into consideration automatically I guess…

      5. Arthur

        “I think that for 2017 the price will be between 7000$ and 17000$” – Enky

        Interesting thought. It means that the current growth of the XBT price of 21 times per year on average (using $3,000 for this years’ end) will be highly unsustainable in the near future. In fact the yearly price growth rate will drop dramatically to approximately 2 times, starting in 2015… That’s not S-curve theory material for sure lol!

        So yeah, I’m not sure if the trend line build in 5 years will bend into that direction… Somehow I think volatility will catch up on the right moments in future to respect this S-curve, presuming Bitcoin will run the full marathon with no major technical flaws and no competitor overtaking it of course. Time will tell… I’m sure I’ll be around in 2017 to check things, and revisit this subject. 🙂

      6. “that model is not compatible with actual and historical volatility level of bitcoin. I think that for 2017 the price will be between 7000$ and 17000$, using actual and historical volatility level. There is only 1 possibility out of 100 to reach 500k usd for 1 btc by 2017, it is very unlikely to happen.”

        You can’t base future volatility on the past, as fundamentals affect it far more than TA (past events). Wait until speculative attacks on other currencies and “hyperbitcoinization” start to happen. Read here: http://nakamotoinstitute.org/mempool/speculative-attack/ This is the natural course for any superior money (Gresham’s Law). Volatility? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! 😉

    3. there is not enough volatility to reach 5k by august. Without an increase in volatility it will be hard to pass $1100 by year end.

      1. Elie

        Hey Enky, were currently within the triangle that breakouts on July 24th, and after 660 seems were in a small temporary downtrend. Do you agree that the lowest we will go will be 610? Thanks

    1. Nice video.
      It still amazes me every time that you need paper cheques to transfer money from one to another in the USA.
      I live in The Netherlands and we have had electronic banking since 1986 (with PC using telephone line), internet banking since 1999 (via your browser) and mobile banking since 2010 (iOS/Android Apps).
      When I go to the cinema and someone pays for everything, I can transfer my part to him right there and it will be in his account before the movie starts. I really don’t understand why there is no internet banking in the USA. Seems like bitcoin would not just be a great solution for developing countries but also for the country with the biggest economy in the world…

      1. George

        Hi Perry.
        I believe the statement: “When I go to the cinema and someone pays for everything, I can transfer my part to him right there and it will be in his account before the movie starts.” is true only if the transfer is made within the same bank (2 users of the same bank). There are some fees for such payment I guess. If you’re not paying it when doing transaction then I guess it’s included in monthly fee. It means that benefits bitcoin brings can help you as well.

        However, I fully agree with your aspect to the situation in US.

      2. Transfers made before 18:00 are instant, also between different banks. After 18:00 the money will be in the receiving account the following morning.
        Costs at my bank are €3/month for a full account including internet/mobile banking, debit card and credit card. No extra fees for individual transactions.

        All in all I think we can indeed benefit in some way from bitcoin. But the improvements wil be marginal in my country when compared to the US or developing countries. Considering this it’s very notable that bitcoin adoption seems to go much faster in The Netherlands than in the US. You’d the opposite considering the potential benefits.

  8. Elie

    I think that those LTC crashes are the ones causing selloffs on all the exchanges and then putting downward pressure on BTC. I am thinking of shorting a little bit of my stach IF this continues.

    1. People are starting to really understand that LTC is useless, togheter with the other one epic fail, dogecoin.

      1. Arthur

        So far I have been neutral, or quiet in fact, about altcoins. But I couldn’t agree more on this bold statement. I just can’t see any altcoin surviving next to bitcoin in the long run. No Litecoin, no Darkcoin, no Mastercoin, no Dogecoin, no Moreno, etc. The only altcoins I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt is Safecoin and Ether, because they are operating in a completely different market (data storage & organization structures with a Turing complete tool box).

        With the risk of not making friends now: I’m completely with you here, Enky. For the rest I’ll leave it to the market to decide what to do.

      2. I have never bought an alt-coin, like Arthur the only alt coin I have considered is a coin associated with someone other a usage other than being a sole means of exchange. I once considered Namecoin and still may buy some if the decentralized DNS takes off. But Ihighly doubt it will. Companies and businesses will NEVER move thier wesbites into an unregulated market, where anyone can register your trademark without being subjected to the courts.

      3. Arthur

        Ahem… I purchased 2 XBT worth of Safecoins during their partly-failed ‘IPO’, and I will do the same with the Ethereum IPO… ahem… Just because I feel like supporting these guys. At Ethereum they said a while ago that Bitcoin, Maidsafe and Ethereum are actually working together and make a nice triplet long term. That’s when I felt I was on the right track. Anything can happen though in this young industry, so except for Bitcoin I don’t have high expectations…

      4. Arthur

        Talking about altcoins… Safecoin is currently rising rather nicely, and entered the Top 10 of cryptos. And remarkable: there’s another altcoin exploding as we speak, it’s called Uro (which is connected to Urea fertilizer). It went +320% in just one day. Impressive…

      5. Arthur

        Uro: after a ‘crash’ to 220% it’s now on 462,78% rise in 24hr. What the f*ck is going on there…

      6. Elie

        I actually sold out my LTC 3 weeks ago as I saw it was doomed to keep going downward while BTC was fluctuating. Seeing the LTC crashes of the past few days happening a lot, I will not be buying again.
        The only thing I am owning is PPC, its been there for a longtime with a catchy name. Else 5$ dollar worth of QRK and FTC and few others. just 5$ 🙂 you never know what $5 could bring me in a year from now from any altcoin!

  9. Artie

    I must admit I’m kinda glad that altcoins are losing value. I was never a big fan of them and thought that they made the whole cryptocurrency business look like a circus. But I suppose it’s a natural process. When someone invents something successful people will try to copy it, with various, usually poor effect.

  10. Arthur

    And now something completely different (@Monty Python something would explode now, lol): everytime I see 24hr volume on Bitstamp drop below 5,000 and go to 2,500 in no time, I know there’s something going on, and we can most probably expect some excitement up or down soon. Let’s see.

  11. Elie

    Looking at my TA, seems the indicators are in favor of a rally again. We have spent considerable time at 625-630 level where we consolidated and I see a rally tonight or tomorrow to start the week.

    1. Arthur

      Would be nice if it happened, and hopefully it is the ignition of the Mega Bull Run. My calculations resulting from The Anathema Theory give us another week or 2 weeks though, and after that all options are open again lol. 🙂

      1. Elie

        Yes 2 weeks till July 24th then we should shoot up.
        I do not see enough volatility to go further down unless a bad news arises.
        Now the issue is that we also do not have enough volatility “presently” to bring us to the 800s and above.
        Next stop after 2 weeks will be 683 and 710 where I will most likely put buys. It is possible that we will gradually go up over the next few months instead of skyrocketing as we use to in the past. Seems Bitcoin Market is starting to mature.

        Here is my most current and roughly done TA: https://www.tradingview.com/v/Qn12XQKX/

  12. B. Mums

    I bought into LTC at $8 before the big jump to $50, and I had 200 coins but never sold, not until it was down to $20ish. I got back in at 0.0207 expecting a jump up but sold at 0.0195 and I’m staying out.

    I dabbled in FTC a while back and mined a few random altcoins back in January, I made some 0.X BTC from Catcoin but my friend made out far better.

    1. B. Mums

      On second thought… Enky, you said there was heavy support at 0.0075… Do you think it’s a safe bet to buy in at 0.0076 and make easy BTCE selling at 0.085 or maybe a bit higher after the rebound?

    1. Arthur

      Nice try! However, several options are missing (for example, what if bitcoin takes over some or all of the world currencies) and why not give the option that bitcoin might replace Gold/Store of Value for 100%? This model limits it to 20% for unknown reasons.

      As the disclaimer states correctly: “Mission Impossible: Modeling a market price. This is a Simple Linear Model – Alpha Version – For Education Purposes Only”.

      1. Joe

        You can easily add and remove markets/currencies. Just click the button.
        There is a superb video on youtube that explains the thoughts behind it.

  13. Elie

    Looks like were going further down afterall. Morning selloff was triggered by China (HUOBI). If we break 610 then our next support is at 580-595

    1. Arthur

      Just curious Elie, how did you calculate July 24th as the date where we will see further movement upwards for bitcoin? I came rather close to that date also when comparing previous sprints…

      What I noticed is the following patterns: from a steady bottom (now $450 in the first half of May) then price goes up with 50% (450 => 680 first week of June) then hovering in the $450 + (30% – 50%) = $585 – $680 area with a downward tendency for 4 – 6 weeks (trading theory I read says such period should last around 3 weeks, but with bitcoin it never was 3 weeks. However, I started paying attention end of June anyway). And finally, then the second sprint should start…

      Since we broke $585 twice (halfway June and last week of June) I expected a delay towards around 6 weeks (as said, calculated from the first week of June), before the second sprint starts. And that’s how I came to somewhere this week or next week for this highly anticipated sprint to start… How did you calculate it, Elie? You noticed some triangle I read somewhere?

      1. Elie

        July 24th coincidences interestingly with a lot of TA charts forecasts.
        If you check my initial TA that I posted here earlier you will see it converges to July 24th.
        Also the Amathema (i think) graph you posted earlier.
        And here is another TA chart from some guy on trading view highlighting the July 24th Megabull:

        If by then nothing happens then I would consider pulling out my BTCs to fiat as it would mark a bearish outcome for a month or so until the Fall. Although I still highly doubt this will happen since ETFs and the NY regulations should be starting in few days to weeks from now. Also nothing then good news are coming out lately (minus some illegal exchange operating in France but that’s nothing out of the ordinary). Hell even my old parents were telling me that they read about Bitcoin and they believe it is the future too LOL! They said fiat will disappear at some point and Bitcoin will take over as Banks are so obsolete and it cuts them the middle men! 🙂

      2. Arthur

        lol, you’re lucky to have to have such parents Elie! My father is VERY negative about bitcoin instead… He only reads the headlines about Mt Gox etc. and thinks bitcoin is nothing interesting at least, and even said it’s an evil internet tool. Can’t blame him, the guy is 77 years old…

        Anyway, let’s see if Jennifer Lopez’ birthday is celebrated with a bitcoin bull run party. 🙂

      3. Elie

        HUOBI flirting with the last resistance at 3815, all other exchanges just waiting after the Chinese to decided if they go up or down. I suppose everyone is still holding? 🙂 unless we head under 600. I never sold since 1.5 weeks ago bcse were very bullish. Actually I would be surprised if we broke under 610 and even went to 590. Nothing to do there, but thats Bitcoin with lots of sheep traders Lol

      4. Arthur

        “I suppose everyone is still holding?”

        Exactly, same sentiments here. Extremely low 24hr volumes, however on Bitstamp it never goes below 1,500 which would be the best indication that something spectacular is going to happen. Everybody is waiting for the ultimate big news to react on, is my guess. Meanwhile tons of good news is coming in (for example: “Xapo Sets $40 Million Fundraising Record for Bitcoin Industry” & “5,000 Terminals Across Ukraine Now Offer Bitcoin for Cash” & “OKCoin Releases New, Full-Featured Version of Android App”), but it’s not enough yet to start moving. That’s why I’m guessing what exactly is needed to get this new batch of rich traders to start buying coins by the 1,000’s… Still two weeks to go though. I’m still hoping it’s the silence before the storm.

  14. Ok so seen some interviews with Tim Draper and the guy will for the life of him not say how much he bid on the coins. If he paid over market price why doesn’t he just say? Also some people have put in a freedom of informative request to find out how much was bid, though, this might be an exception to the act as it involves private buyers. I suppose the theory on the latest price boom did not correspond with practice. Can’t get my head round why second market would made such a low bid. They probably had no interest in buying more coins and were probably there just to make sure they would catch the price in case the bidders were bidding low as not to effect thee price too much in there investment fund.

  15. Ok so seen some interviews with Tim Draper and the guy will for the life of him not say how much he bid on the coins. If he paid over market price why doesn’t he just say? Also some people have put in a freedom of informative request to find out how much was bid, though, this might be an exception to the act as it involves private buyers. I suppose the theory on the latest price boom did not correspond with practice. Can’t get my head round why second market would made such a low bid. They probably had no interest in buying more coins and were probably there just to make sure they would catch the price in case the bidders were bidding low as not to effect thee price too much in there investment fund.

  16. George

    Why are coments (not a reply on coments) on this blog not in date order? Any idea Enky?

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