Long Term Update

“One Look at the chart Is Worth A Thousand Words”


One week ago the chaikin volatility indicator crossed again the zero line, i think that since then XBTUSD entered in a new upswing after the strong bullish bar of the 26th November.
In terms of static price levels it seems to me that $320 is a strong one, followed by $360 that should hold the price during this upswing. As i said in my previous update i think that the maximum extension of this new weekly upswing should fall in the $650-$700 price zone: How much you wanna bet?

Weekly range forecast $360-$440

8 thoughts on “Long Term Update

  1. Christian A also know as testianer

    Thanks for the update, Enky! Went long at 380. Going to see this all the way up to the end.

  2. sisco

    cool idea the betting thing helps to support your forecast
    Thanks for all the forecasts and all the best for the New Year and happy xmas.

      1. Christian A also know as testianer


        How likely do you think it is we’ll stay above 420?

        (I wish I could access your IRC channel at work :/ )

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