Weekly Range Update

XBT/USD weekly range.forecast $440-$480 | daily moving average is bullish and strong support is at $420. $480 is in sight and XBTUSD has broken to the upside from the previous congestion range ($400-$430). For the very short term support is at $450.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Range Update

  1. Hi Enky, thanks again for sharing all your thoughts and analysis. Curious if you could share your thoughts as to if the rise we’re seeing now is related to imminent halving event. I know this is popular to discuss right now in the crypto community, but wondering if you could share a post as to what you expect. Seems like there is a lot of propaganda against Bitcoin and doomsday theories how the halving will play out. I side more with the confidence of Andreas Antonopoulos, and for those who are interested he has posted a lot of his full lectures on his YouTube channel. I’d recommend anyone to watch them. Anyway, cheers, and thanks for your years of sharing Bitcoin trade analysis!

    1. Enky

      There is a strong propaganda against bitcoin from the banksters, this is pretty obvious they don’t like unregulated and uncontrollable things:)
      I think that because the long term cycle is still up news will be more positive then negative for btc. In 2012 the halving event hasn’t been bad at all.

      1. Christian A also know as testianer

        Do you think that the halving is already priced in or in the process of being priced in?

  2. An Avid Coiner

    Regardless of news, regardless of halving, regardless of whether these things are “priced in”, bitcoin and its futures (Bitmex, GBTC, et al) continue to make higher highs on an almost daily basis since 4/20, which was an important “time harmonic” based on the teachings of Gann. In fact, we’ve got a cluster of important dates to watch: 4/28, 5/2, 7/18 and a big cluster of them occurring in August/September, well after the halving is supposed to take place. If anything, in terms of corporeal/mundane events, the eminent implementation of Segregated Witness is a much bigger story than reward halving.

  3. Michael

    Is there any way to get the VWAP + deviation lines in metatrader or maybe on tradingview? I tried a few VWAP indicators on TV, but they don’t work the same and/or look completely different.

    1. An Avid Coiner

      VWAP is in TradingView (right-click on your own chart, Insert Indicator, VWAP). I have a Pro account, and it’s telling me “VWAP: unsupported resolution” when I add the indicator. wtfcakez.

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