Weekly Range Update

2201XBT/USD weekly range.forecast $725-$870 | daily moving average is bulllish and main support is at VWAP near $580. XBTUSD continues to stay all the time above the first positive deviation line of the VWAP, a bullish behaviour.

In case of a strong price correction i’m looking at the $580 support as an interesting buying zone where to further increase my long-term position; position with a size of 3 units (150 btc) at an average price of $549.

Italian version of this update here at Bitchanger.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Range Update

  1. Hi I’ve been following you for awhile and have learned to become more committed.

    Wondered what other investments you like currently, specifically do you also like the return of mining cryptocurrency? Do you recommend cloud mining?

    Thanks again for your moxie and analysis, record keeping and commitment to positive change.

    1. Hi and thank, well I’m a trader not a miner thus i’m not the ideal guy to answer your question but i think that bitcoin mining is a bit expensive today. Forget cloud mining, most of the time is scam.

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