Weekly Range Update

XbtUsd daily chart
XbtUsd daily chart

XBT / USD weekly price range of $690-$785 | ALMA daily moving average is slightly bearish, for this week the main resistance is the second price deviation line above the VWAP at $785 while the support I believe it is valid the VWAP itself at about $ 690.

The average daily RSI oscillator is not giving significant indications, it continues to remain above the mid point of 50. The RSI on the weekly chart is overbought but is just above the threshold of 70, it may still report the formation of a Top not having the bitcoin still broke decisively the $750 resistance.

In cases of extreme drop support is the price zone between $465 and $550.

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Range Update

  1. Enky, do you think the 835 level (3. dev.line daily chart) is the end of this cycle, as the midpoint in your weekly chart here

    or do you expect BTCUSD goes higher based on volatility?

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