Short Term Update: VWAP levels

XBTUSD daily chart

I think that XBTUSD is rebalancing itself after what i consider a buying climax bar of January 3.
It’s very important to stay above our mid-term VWAP at 840$ but considering the high volatility of these days it’s not excluded a test below it, eventually down to $720.

This price zone (720$-840$) might be a good spot where to buy because the overall trend is still up. I don’t think this drop will continue down to the yearly support of 500$ that i wrote about in the 2017 outlook of few days ago.

The daily RSI has been overbought for a prolonged period and its reading is around 50.

The situation with a very short term VWAP (7 days) see XBTUSD in a weak position below our average. With a move above 1010$ XBTUSD would regain some bullishness in the short term.