Weekly Range Update: again a strong market

XBTUSD daily chart

XBT/USD weekly price range 1025$-1270$ | Also this week the cross XBTUSD has been stronger than expected so I decided to propose something different for this week about the calculation of the levels of our 60 days volume VWAP. The resistance zone is wider and goes up to 1270$, the VWAP is slightly moving up and now is at 945$ though more probably the intermediate level at 1025$ should hold any violent intraday corrections. The ALMA average remains firmly upward.

The RSI oscillator is returned in the overbought zone and essentially is confirming that the market is strong but i still think that an intermediate top might form soon, not eventually a yearly top because i expect higher prices later this year.

About the calculation of the VWAP deviation lines I doubled the volatility coefficient for this week because since few weeks the volatility is high and often this market has broken through my resistance lines. Just for curiosity the third deviation  line pass at 1432$.

In cases of extreme fall the support area is 665-775 US dollars.

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Weekly Range Update: stronger then expected

xbtusd daily chart
xbtusd daily chart

XBT / USD weekly price range is 935$-1095$ |Last week the cross XBTUSD has been stronger than expected so for this week the resistance is raised to 1100$, the support remains the VWAP at 935$.
The ALMA average has turned upward with the break of the resistance at 1015$ while t
he oscillator RSI has given a sell signal last week that has been ignored by the market confirming the strength of the bitcoin-dollar cross. The RSI has however pulled away from the overbought zone but remained above the mid-point of 50, thus remaining in bullish territory.

In short, the market is strong and has ignored my bearish worries of seven days ago; regarding my long-term position opened since 2014 I’ll continue to maintain it until I see some serious bearish indications  on the weekly and monthly chart. I remind everyone that the average carrying price of my position is around 570$ (three units opened at 681$ , 615$ and 417$ ).

In cases of extreme fall the support area is updated to 650-760 US dollars.

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Weekly Range Update

XBTUSD daily chart – VWAP+RSI

XBT / USD weekly price range is 860$-1015$ | This week the cross XBTUSD appears a little weak now that the ALMA moving average has turned bearish, and the RSI oscillator average (white line) is on the verge of giving a bearish signal.

A test under the VWAP, under 940$, might be possible; if this scenario materializes then the 860$ support should hold well.

It is valid, as resistance, the first dev. line above the VWAP at about 1015$.

I remember that in any case as long as the price remains above our VWAP  average the medium-term uptrend remains intact.

In cases of extreme fall the support area is 635-735 USD.

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Weekly Range Update

xbtusd daily chart
xbtusd daily chart

XBT / USD weekly price range $885-$1090 | As long as the XBTUSD pair remains above the medium term VWAP I don’t see any risks to the current uptrend to continue. The average ALMA is upwards since twenty days and the price has entered the resistance price zone published in the previous update, because of this I’m skeptic to see a further rise above $ 1090 without a correction considering also that the RSI oscillator has entered overbought territory, honestly I think that the odds of a correction are increased but the minimum should occur over the VWAP, above the $880 mark.

As support the VWAP is again valid and is updated to $885 even though first I consider as an intermediate support the $940 price level.

In cases of extreme fall the support area lies between 600 and 700 US.

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