Short Term Update: 3 days VWAP

3 Days VWAP + deviation lines

After a decisive breakout of the 1480$ weekly resistance level and because of the high volatility i decided to zoom in with an intraday chart (60 min bar). 
Here the VWAP is computed using only the last 3 days and to compute the deviation lines only the volatility of the last 3 days is used, this allow me to have a snapshot of the current situation.
When a market is strong it usually stays above the first deviation line and the second one acts as a resistance, I think that for the rest of the week XBTUSD should stay below 1670$-1750$ with a support area right below the 3 days VWAP (1400$-1500$).
This market is very bullish and it’s quickly accelerating, the volatility i was expecting in my previous update is finally coming to the market.