Long Term Update: approaching resistance area

Weekly Chart XBTUSD composite index of 7 exchanges

I include in this long-term update the template I mainly use with the tradingview platform that includes my KAMA average with deviation lines tuned for XBTUSD currency pair.
You can see that this currency cross is entering an interesting resistance zone ranging from 3200 to 3900 dollars; I included in the chart also the 2 months VWAP average and the 1 year too.
The average VWAP at 2 months is slightly above the 5 periods KAMA average while the 1-year VWAP is slowly rising and has come close to the negative deviation lines, around 1260 dollars.

It will be interesting to see the behavior of the next few weeks to see if this rise is just a spike or a solid trend, in the latter case it could mean that this year we could also see prices over 4000$, to understand this we will have to wait at least four weeks or this month.

Price range for this week is 2950$-3450$ with ALMA average firmly up and the RSI oscillator not yet overbought.

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