Weekly Range Update: Yikes!!

bitstampUSD 1 Day #1 2017-10-13 08_18_24.109
XBTUSD tested VWAP 4th deviation line for the 1st time ever in its history

Updated weekly price range is 4730$-6600$ | It is interesting to note that the cross XBTUSD after two days of hesitation exactly on the second deviation line of our 2-month VWAP average then violently broke the resistance level to reach for the first time in its history the fourth line of deviation of the VWAP , this is a phenomenal sign of market strength.

Theoretically, the point where it broke the second deviation line (4800$) should now serve as a support in case of a price retracement but it is more likely that for the next two-three days the support level will be the third line at 5350$.
For who sold before these insane price levels it might be wise to enter again between 4800$ and 5350$.

Should the price levels, mentioned in this update, changes significantly I will keep you updated with Twitter.

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