Long Term Update: Volume Analisys at Kraken/Bitstamp Part II

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The trading platform used here is unchanged: Sierrachart 64 bit.
The big amount of tick data processed to compute this interesting volume oscillator wouldn’t be possible to do at TradingView or similar online platforms.
The “up/down Volume Ratio” oscillator is computed and smoothed using a 18 periods (18 months or 1 year and a half) linear regression moving average.
Volume made on an uptick is considered positive while if made on a downtick is negative, then the aforementioned oscillator is applied.
I added also in the chart the widely know ALMA moving average (9 periods, standard settings).

I added for comparison the same template applied to BTCUSD at Bitstamp exchange.

Volume Ratio Oscillator Kraken/Bitstamp Comparison (click to enlarge)

Very curious to see a perfectly balanced volume activity at Kraken exchange for 3 months in a row while at the Bitstamp the volume activity is unbalanced upwards.
As a positive note i can say that i don’t see any negative volume activity in either of the two exchanges considered. Said this my best guess is that the price retracement from about $13800 to $6400 was a normal correction of a bullish market and that the bear market ended on March ’19.