Portfolio Update: Sold 1 unit at 28997$ now flat

No position open

No position open

Trailing Profit at 29,000$ has been caught, now flat. About 20,000$ profit for each btc traded.

18 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: Sold 1 unit at 28997$ now flat

  1. Ethereum Girl

    Sorry to see you leave, Enky. Followed you lurking for years. I think this is a bit premature as the price bumped up already to $33k same day. The market is being manipulated atm while whale investors test futures waters set to expire June 25. Each quarter now this dynamic depresses the price, which I think you didn’t expect. Hope to see you back at some point. For now, I’ll hold on.

  2. aglio

    Guess you wont or can tell us what “one unit” is ?! 😉 You are a pro. Lets see if we can rebuy at a discount .

    1. best enky

      Well since his last positions were around 500btc each I assume 1 enky unit is around 1000btc

      Anyway congrats enky for your gain and thank you for the update and all your good work over the years, enjoy the summer in sunny Italy

  3. CryptoGrandpa

    Hey Enky,

    Missed you on Twitter tho.
    Still following your quality posting.

    Hope you are well.
    Take care,


  4. CryptoPeach

    Congraulations! If you rebuy at a later date, is the plan to reinvest your own money after enjoying some profit (as some profit has been enjoyed), or just putting down a total less than what you sold at?

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