Long Term Update: Weekly Price Channel

Weekly Chart – Price Channel

It seems that a correction has started on the weekly chart although the ALMA average is still bullish and not yet 100% confirming the move; sometimes a return to the mean or average is healthy for an uptrend, here the level is around 825$.

First deviation line is 650$ and the second one 530$. I fail to see an event strong enough to increase the volatility level so much to push this pair down to 530$, i remain confident that it’s not going so low and that the 650-825 usd price zone is a good support for long term buyers.

It is needed a close of this weekly bar above 1030$ to avert the risk of a correction of some weeks. The weekly RSI is above its mid-line or 50; in a strong uptrend the RSI usually stays above it as XBTUSD is doing since october 2015.